Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Libertarian

I have a history with Bob Barr. In his capacity as Federal prosecutor in the 1980s, he came after me full-bore. He didn’t let up, and he savaged me to the point a federal judge told to him to relent in the face of a total eradication of his case.

I admit I am not a nice person. I have never claimed to be such. I have a sneaky past, and a post-modern present. I am not the person your mother would want you to marry.

Somehow, Bob Barr turned out to be the Libertarian candidate for President and I swore I would support this ticket, but I cannot. I said I would vote for the Libertarian candidate before I voted for John McCain.

I meant what I said at the time. McCain makes me extremely uneasy. However, I have to change my mind, and my vote. I’ll try to do what’s best for America. Osama Bamalama is a totally unviable candidate. He is the Manchurian Candidate. Hillary isn’t much better. Is it any mistake that TCM is airing the original Frank Sinatra/Laurence Harvey version of "The Manchurian Cadidate" tonight, and will probably have it in their movie rotation through election day?

(A footnote: I wote this post yesterday, and watched the original version of "The Manchurian Candidate" last night. The Denzel Washington/Meryl Streep remake might be a tad more relevant, but they don't call it Turner Classic Movies for a specious reason. Terrible Ted may be a Looney Toon, but he does do one thing right with his pet television station. May TCM never change!)

I don’t trust McCain’s politics as far as I can throw ‘em, as the saying goes. On the other hand, I have a history with Bob Barr that goes back to his tenure as a federal prosecutor in the 1980s, and I wouldn’t trust him to be elected dogcatcher. I suppose this means I have to reluctantly endorse the Republican candidate. Who knows? He may surprise us with a "surge" of conservatism. I ain't gonna hold my breath, but the alternative is unthinkable.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Other Guy

John McCain gave a barn-burner of a speech this morning. As political rhetoric, it was excellent. As reality, I thought it was overreaching a bit. I kept casting a jaded eye to the TV and repeating “Say what?”

Does this presidential nominee from the Party of Satan really believe Congress, in its current shabby state, will cooperate with him in the least degree? That’s more naive than Osama Bamalama’s assertions that we can negotiate with Iran.

Senator McCain had some high-flying words about “ending the partisan rancor” and “healing America”. His speech was interesting in that it took a “Back to the Future” tone about his expectations about the world outlook at the end of his projected first term.

It was also completely unrealistic. Assuming for one moment that John McCain can wrest the White House from the clutches of Hildebeast or The Manchurian Candidate, does he honestly expect anything besides excoriation, name-calling, and spitting in his face from Congress?

A third term of Republican government will bring the nation to a standstill. Pelosi and her gang of do-nothings will throw out the political equivalent of spike strips. They care nothing about public service; they only care about the self-aggrandizement of obtaining power. Like a stalking tiger, they are biding their time and waiting for a socialist president, or a Manchurian Candidate totally committed to international appeasement and internal chaos.

McCain has a mixed character. He makes me nervous. George H.W. Bush tried being “bi-partisan”, and in doing so, he betrayed the Reagan legacy. There comes a time when you simply have to tell noisy, nervous passengers to get the hell off the train.

November is coming down to a “hold-your-nose-and-vote” moment. As jumpy as McCain makes me, he is light years ahead of his competitors. I think he’s aspiring for too much, but like my beliefs that George W. Bush means well when he repeats his words “It’s hard work”, I think I’d rather have a president devoted to national security rather than a male or female novice without the temper or temperament to tackle the bad guys where they live, grab them by the cojones , and wring their nuclear weapons out of the base of their scrawny necks.

I am still not overly impressed by John McCain, but his speech today was a huge step towards swinging my meager, single conservative vote.

Friday, May 09, 2008

The Manchurian Candidate

I live in a nether-world between movies and real life. As a technician who has worked on-set, there is not a lot of magic left. I sit home, see the finished product, and end up grading people and things on accuracy.

Movies are an allegory of our lives. My American Heritage Dictionary defines “allegory” as “A literary, dramatic, or pictorial device in which "each character, object, and event represent symbols illustrating an idea or moral or religious principle.”

‘Fess up. Whether it was Charlton Heston in “Ben-Hur”, or John Wayne in “The Searchers”, or the movie of your choice, there must have been a moment when you choked.

In the early 1960s, Laurence Harvey, Angela Lansbury, and Frank Sinatra led the cast in a cinematic version of Richard Condon’s novel “The Manchurian Candidate”. The Korean War was in the rearview mirror, and the “Tail Gunner Joe” McCarthy hearings before HUAC (House on Un-American activities Committee) were not all that far in the past. The notion that POWs could be “brainwashed”, and subliminal suggestions implanted in them, didn’t seem as outlandish as it might today.

In fact, the idea isn’t all that far-fetched to begin with. Look at some of the left-wing blogs, where constant repetition of the “blame Bush” mantra has produced a mind-set that will go on for years after George W. has left office. I got into trouble for excoriating a liberal friend whose sister was indoctrinating her young child with San Francisco “hate Bush” values. Hitler’s “media consultant” Joseph Goebbels had it nailed; so did George Orwell. They knew “brainwashing” as “The Big Lie”: say something often enough, and with enough conviction, and it becomes the truth, regardless of facts.

(I oweTed Kennedy for one of his drunken stupors; the fat murderer didn’t know Obama’s name before he endorsed him for president.) We speak here, of course, of Brarak Obama, a.k.a. "Osama Bamalama".

Obama is the Manchurian Candidate, if movies can step into real life. We know nothing of the substance of his character; only that he is elegant, well-spoken, and distances himself from race-baiting predecessors like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. Like Jimmy Carter with “Fritz and Grits in ‘76”, Obama promises change from an outsider. Jimmy Carter was one of the worst presidents of the 20th century. Obama promises to equal that record of insufficiency in the 21st century, and the millennium is still young. He stands for something, but he isn’t telling us what. He has an agenda, but we don’t know what it is.

In trying to rid himself of “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright’s anti-American rants like the ghost of Dicken’s Christmas past, Osama Bamalama will have to convince us that he never went to church for 20 years. That’s a deal-breaker, no matter how you play it.

I blew up at an interlocutor who played the race card during a conversation. Paraphrasing, I don’t care if Osama Bamalama is green and purple. I’ve said for years that America is past due for a black president; Osama Bamalama just ain’t the man.

Americans traditionally prefer a president who attends church. As an overwhelmingly Christian nation, we prefer a Christian president. Occasionally, the president’s attendance at church is highlighted in the media; even when it isn’t, he is still there shaking hands with the pastor every Sunday.

Osama Bamalama has a history with race-baiting, America-hating pastor Jeremiah Wright. He has a history as long as my ex-wives. With his multi-million dollar mansion facing a golf course, and his Mercedes automobiles, Wright reminds me of the old “Reverend Ike”; another black hustler from the 1970s who promised “pie in the sky”, or here on earth, or something. Reverend Ike was the butt of many jokes in many good ol’ boy garages; he was harmless to those of us in the change-the-oil-filter pit, and if the Negroes who believed his song and dance continued to play him like the numbers racket in Atlanta, good for them.

The Manchurian Candidate has a real shot at the office. He will bring his hidden political agenda of weakness in foreign policy and appeasement on the home front to fruition.

I am not the best Christian in the world; I rely upon others to tell me where I’m going wrong. I won’t be waiting for The Manchurian Candidate on some water tower, with a .308 sniper’s rifle. We don’t do things that way, no matter how appealing the prospect. The vote will be taken, and if the Manchurian Candidate fools enough people, he’ll get to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The weak-kneed French have a political philosophy of electing the worst possible leaders, on the assumption that the republic will remain strong enough to survive faulty leadership. Given no choice, I’ll go for that.

Nancy Pelosi and her gang of do-nothings in Congress have been biding their time, waiting for a president like Osama Bamalama. They may very well get what they wish for, like the old Chinese curse.

People will die, and the Manchurian Candidate will be sitting and laughing like Nero at the burning of Rome.

Like my dogs, y’all will do what pleases you. I don’t endorse McCain; vote for the gangster of your choice. That vote is all-important. Exercise it!

I should add a note here that we need to win back the Congress from Pelosi and her do-nothings. It is an often-repeated mantra. Politics in America will devolve onto your single vote. Congress is where the laws are made, and that’s where your vote counts. This is a republic of law, so don’t underestimate the significance of your vote, and jump in.