Friday, September 23, 2011

Andy likes my rant!

I composed this as a Facebook™ post regarding Warren Buffett’s hypocrisy and Jughead’s unabashed gamesmanship taking advantage of a senile old man for the desperate purposes of his re-election. It was originally posted on Flaming Politics in Facebook™, which is a closed group; a kind of boy’s club for political dilettantes. Since I’m lazy, and a couple of liberals liked it, I figured to throw it up against the wall here, and see if it sticks like properly cooked pasta.

Andrew, ol' Warren has already been double-dipped for taxes, and the cosmic, ethereal lives of the senile super-rich aren't the issue here.

My wife works for a community service agency--NOT ACORN! A real service agency--and every day I hear horror stories about old people having their power cut off, disabling their bronchial oxygen pumps, and young couples with babies crying in the food pantry because they never thought the promise of America would come to this.

I'm spending the balance of my life in a wheelchair, and my paltry disability pension hasn't gotten a COLA in two years. Cost Of Living Allowances are pegged to the Consumer Price Index [CPI], and the feds don't figure energy costs and food into the CPI. This year they didn't even bother to send me a form letter re-hashing the same BS they told me in '09. It's kind of like sex in your sleep; you're supposed to just roll over and take it. (I'm still blessed, because I can afford air-conditioning in the summer and a single tank of propane so the pipes don't freeze in the winter. My home nurse tells me about the client she sees after me on Tuesdays; the old lady can't afford to run her ceiling fans, because the EPA regulations on coal-fired TVA plants have priced electricity beyond the means of those who need it the most.)

I don't mind paying the local SPLOST tax on whatever I purchase in my county. I wouldn't mind paying a 7-10% federal sales tax [VAT], but I have one radical stipulation for my adherence. Abolish the IRS, and repeal the 16th Amendment. (Long time since college, but I think that's the income tax scam.)

Let everyone keep what they earn! I'm a simple man; people need stuff, and they'll buy their stuff from those that produce or manufacture it. If the government wants a piece of that action, I can roll with it. Them that produce stuff hire people, and that gives those hired people money with which they, too, can buy stuff. Even a high-school drop-out can figure this out...

Otherwise, every penny of tax revenue currently collected is either stolen from you by that FICA pickpocket, or it'll be taken from you by compulsion at the point of a gun. Think I'm being melodramatic? Try writing a letter to the IRS, informing them you ain't paying for Jughead's lame schemes any longer. The Men in Black will show up at your front door, and if you tell them to go to Hell and slam the door in their faces, they'll be back with a SWAT team and shoot you like Randy Weaver's family on Ruby Ridge, or burn you down like the Branch Davidians in Waco. (Hell, Eric Holder built his political career being the ramrod of the Waco Massacre.) Like the draft resisters of the '60s who got 5-10 years for the misdemeanor of burning their draft cards, activist tax resisters today receive an average of 40 years in federal prison for being proactive on the kind of sedition I'm preaching here. [I think the First Amendment is still in effect.] The government is more scared of a tax revolt than they are of a nuclear incident in NYC. If only 10% of the 315M Americans refused to pay their taxes--and 46% don't, at any rate--where are the feds going to put 3,000,000 new convicts?

The government has a tiger by the tail, which is why I have nothing but pessimism for the future. When Atlas shrugs and their world comes crashing down on the academic, theoretical schemes these mooks are pushing at gunpoint, it's going to be the little people like you and me who have to clear away the rubble. Parasites invariably kill their hosts. The goverment doesn't create jobs, it siphons wealth.

I'm actually glad I'm old enough that I'll outrun the worst of it.