Friday, November 19, 2010


Following their return from the Denial of Reality Tour of Asia and the Indian subcontinent, President and Mrs. Obama pose in front of an architect’s model of the proposed remodeling of the White House.

“Michelle was really inspired by the Taj Mahal,” the President said in a brief statement to the press. “We feel that the exterior renovation will make the aesthetics of American culture much more accessible, and therefore palatable, to the rest of the world.”

When questioned about the estimated one billion dollar cost of the renovation, President Obama replied: “Hey, with all the wild spending that’s been taking place, a billion dollars is quite a bargain when it comes to improving our image in the world. Besides, we promised that we would create jobs, and this will employ a number of construction workers for quite a while. It’s a shovel-ready project.”

Construction is scheduled to start in early spring of 2011, and is expected to be complete in time for the 2013 Coronation Ceremony.