Saturday, November 12, 2005

French fries

I heard a Frenchman actually use the phrase "civil war" the other day, while commenting on the "unrest." The French army possesses one of the best tanks in the world, the LeClerc. It’s one of the finest tanks on-line, and I will avoid the joke about the five reverse gears. They should use them. I forget the name assigned to their armored cars, but they are pretty fearsome, too. I think there's a chance we'll see some of the latter on the streets of Paris before this is over. More likely, we'll see some feeble attempts at appeasement, and ongoing denial from all over that this is part of the jihad against the West. Instead, we'll continue to hear the blathering about "cultural assimilation." I grow weary of hearing the garbage about these kids being second-generation Islamic refugees who aren't accepted fully in France and can't go home to Algeria, or wherever. Here's a not-so-nuanced suggestion that would horrify the snail-eaters: Call out the military, round up everyone on the streets after the government-imposed curfew, and deport their young asses back to the country of their parents' origin. Lethal force is authorized. Since the French government is accustomed to acting unilaterally - while denouncing us for doing the same; or so they claim - if the receiving countries don't want the rioting children of Islam, the French can simply threaten to enforce the deportations with the Foreign Legion, et. al.

I can dream, can't I?

I'm waiting for the violence to spread further in Germany. I want see some of that good German pragmatism in action...if they have any left. They need to get over the guilt about the Third Reich that prevents them from doing anything decisive in today's world. Maybe they could form a coalition with the French on deporting all these disaffected jihadists. Better still, the ESU [European Socialist Union] can all form a coalition. Eurabia is on the march and those ninnies better wake up over there.

There has been a proposal about "land for peace." I see that as a more likely—and frightening—possibility than use of military force to end the French civil war. Islam views all Westerners—even our imperialist selves—as being too weak to resist the jihad. Can you imagine our reaction if something like Paris broke out here? (They don't call those folks "The National Guard" for nothing, and they're getting some good OJT in Iraq.) On the other hand, can you imagine what the reaction might be if the jihadists wait until Hillary is President, and then try to start their intifada in America? Which state would we trade to them, as an autonomous enclave, in return for temporary peace? And how would we then deal with the hordes of terrorists, trained in that enclave, who would spread out through the rest of the country?

I can have nightmares, too, can't I?

The longer the rioting in Europe goes on, with the attendant rhetoric that the Frogs simply don't understand, accept, and appreciate the insurgents in Paris, the angrier I become. I think the nadir came on FOX News a couple of days ago. There was some young priest in Paris, in full frock and collar, making the usual excuses and denials about what's happening there. He said he'd been to some of the local schools, and talked with young Muslims who all disavowed the riots. Unfortunately for Father Whoever's credibility, the camera crew had accompanied him, and got some footage of his encounters with Islamic youth. He was talking with girls! They were sans headscarves, per French law. In fact, they were dressed in modest Western-style clothing. They were all smiles and giggles, and assured the good Father that Islam is a religion of peace...yadda, yadda. But they were all girls! I assume my readers know the standing of women in Islam. Their standing is actually sitting at the feet of the men. If Father Whoever wanted the real skinny on what's driving the jihadists, he should've been out walking the suburban streets after dark, strolling up to those ski-masked insurgents while they're torching cars, hospitals, and every other target of opportunity. Can you picture this young fool of a priest, in his traditional clerical garb, trying to open a "meaningful dialogue of understanding" with a punk in a ski mask, Molotov cocktail in hand, and possibly a pistol under his jacket? I've read some scary stuff about Catholic martyrs, and what happened to them at the hands of heathens. No wonder Father was talking to Westernized Islamic girls in the bright light of day. I suppose he had no desire to join that long list stretching through history...not when he could be on TV, instead.

Ramadan Offensive ’05 is underway. Those who defend our schizophrenic border policies should be taking notes. While I advocate President Bush holding his silence on most of the racket raised by his opponents, he should take a decisive stance on the policies that have France burning. True cowboys hold their ground where it firms up under their feet, and simple answers are usually the best ones. Most of the mojados pouring into America are trying to escape the corruption of the Mexican government, and want to be part of the dream, not destroy it. The five who smuggle an Atomic Demolitions Munition, purchased from the former Soviet Union on the cheap, are the ones who will poison the immigration well for everyone. It’s tough toenails for the illegal aliens, but the border has to be closed to everyone, before Cleveland disappears in an atomic mushroom. The American dream does not include nuclear terrorism, and that spectre is riding the coat tails of those desperate people who brave the deserts to walk into America on a daily basis.

For all potential Americans: line up, get a green card, and do it properly. For the French: reap what you sowed. French fries has a whole new meaning today.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Don't just do something, sit there!

One of the things I've heard several pundits reminding us of in the last few days is a very cogent point about how Ronald Reagan handled the ever-escalating attacks on him by the MSM. Although mild by today's vituperative standards, they were a constant reminder that the liberal media hated RWR as much then as they hate GWB now. And when conservatives today ask "Why isn't Bush fighting back?" the reply has been "He is; he's doing the same thing Reagan did in the '80s... nothing."

The news media and pundits back then were all the time saying that Reagan was a fuzzy-minded dreamer, who had Nancy telling him what to do. Today, Those People are saying that Bush is a fuzzy-minded chimp, who needs Rove to tell him what to do. Same song; different stanza. So, if they're going to keep playing their same tired tune, Bush should respond in the same fashion Reagan did when the band struck up 2½ decades ago. Let 'em sing their little song, and don't dignify the lyrics with a reply.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Don't make me have to come down there!

A friend has had a stroke. Today, All Saint's Day, has started off miserably.

Rosa Parks died the other day. Much will be made of her passing, especially by those self-elected "black leaders."

I am a child of The South. I grew up in segregated territory. I knew something was wrong, the day my grandmother spun me around, slapped my face, and told me not to drink from the "colored" water fountain. It was a hot day in Washington, Georgia. I wanted a drink of water at the courthouse, not a lecture on segregation. I later stole a bathroom sign that said "Whites only." It needed stealing.

Under the sharecropper law, there was a black man named "Dojah" who shared my grandparent's farm. I think his real name was "Dozier", and he won a medal during War I. I never asked about the old man who lived quietly, plowed his crops, and said "yes ma'am" to my grandma. He was unfailingly polite, grateful for the water dispensed from the backyard pump, and if he'd done anything outstanding in the War to End All Wars, he never made a big deal of it. He was the epitome of "the good Negro." He lived and died quietly. I regret the passing of history; much is lost when our backs are turned.

My grandmother never laid a hand on me, except that one day. I stole the sign from a Georgia gas station, because it was no longer relevant. I heard that Earl Warren was an evil SOB, because he wanted to make me live with Negroes, or something like that.

Rosa Parks made a stand against someone a long time ago. She was tired. She had worked a long day. She said "Hell, no!" I am so glad you made that stand! I would've grown up so ignorant. I would've believed everything I was spoon-fed. I would've continued to avoid drinking from the "colored" water fountain. People would be less human to me. Like Dozier, you are gone, but you will never be forgotten.